Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nicole Richie Talks Giving Harlow A Sibling And More

Could Harlow Madden have a little brother or sister soon? "If it happens, it happens," Nicole Richie told Extra Monday. She said she and Joel Madden are "just enjoying every day" raising eight-month-old daughter Harlow. "She is pulling herself up standing ... we don't have to burp her anymore," Nicole said. She's even beginning to form her first words. "She says 'mama' and 'dada,'" Joel said. "She says 'dada' when she wants to play. Wants to laugh. And 'mama' is everything else. When we walk into a place, she waves to everyone."

Nicole said she doesn't try to insulate Harlow from fame. "My priority is to make her unaware. She's eight months now. I can't put her in the infant seat and cover her. She'd definitely know something's going on ... she wants to experience life and, as a mother, that's important."

Nicole and Joel are also getting more involved in children's charity work. (The pair started the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation to help needy mothers last November.)
Their new initiative: Encouraging people to text "child" to 9-0999 ($5 will be donated to a children’s charity they sponsor). Being a parent, Joel said, "opens your eyes. Every child I look at reminds me of my child. And every mother I see reminds me of Nicole."



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