Monday, September 15, 2008

Eva Longoria: "I Wish People Would Just Chill Out"

Eva Longoria is blasting bump watches. "I wish people would just chill out," she says on tonight’s special 15th season premiere of Extra when asked about those pregnancy rumors. "You’ll know when it happens.” She says she recently bonded with Jennifer Garner, who also faced pregnant speculation months before she announced she was expecting her second child. "When I saw her she was like, 'I know. They just need to chill out. They're going to find out eventually,'" Eva recalls Jennifer as saying.

And while she insists she is not pregnant, Eva says she'd wait three months before breaking the news anyway. "You just don't say anything for health reasons. You just want to make sure everything's okay," she said. "It's funny because [bloggers] are like, 'Oh, Eva is wearing baggy clothes,'" she went on. "It's not like I dressed like a hoochie mama before!"


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