Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jessica Simpson Puts Down Rumors That Tony Romo Contacts Ex Carrie Underwood

Jessica Simpson insists her beau Tony Romo isn't calling his ex Carrie Underwood. "I looked at his call log," she said Wednesday in an interview with a Nashville radio station.

Of Tony, Carrie tells September's Allure: "The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer." "Tony and I both laughed at that," Jessica said. "We got a chuckle out of it."

Jessica and Tony seem to be going strong. "Most of the guys I dated were captivated by my heart but they had different ways of trying to get to me," Jess says in September's Elle.

"Tony understands me. He appreciates my talent," she says. "He's the first person I've spiritually connected with.” Tony has been supporting Jessica while she works on her country album, Do You Know, due September 9. "It's the cutest thing," she says.


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Anonymous said...

Jessica is the Liar. Tony was calling her in MAY and MAY is when Carrie said that. Jess knows it was said in MAY and didnt come out til now in the mag. She is trying to make Carrie look bad. She's just pissed because her BF went running back to his ex when they hit a rough spot. Now everyone knows about it and she's embarrassed. So all she can do is call Carrie a liar on the radio. She needs to get a life and some talent. Carrie didn't want him! He went crawling back to Jess, his second choice.