Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't Go Calling Priscilla Presley Grandma

Lisa Marie Presley's twins won't be calling Priscilla Presley "grandma." "We say 'Nona' — it means 'grandma' in Italian," the Dancing With the Stars alum, 63, tells Entertainment Tonight. "There's just such a connotation with Grandma, and I just liked it better," she adds. "[Lisa Marie's children] say it so sweet: 'Nona.'"

Lisa Marie, 40 — whose twins with husband Michael Lockwood will arrive this fall — has two children from a previous marriage to Danny Keough. Us Weekly first broke the news in its issue last week that Lisa Marie was expecting a double delivery. On Tuesday, Priscilla confirmed it to ET.

"It's her time to celebrate with her husband," Priscilla says. "My daughter is a very family girl. She loves children, and I know that she and Michael have been hoping for this for a long time.”

Priscilla says she is ready to dote on the little ones. "I'm looking at baby stores; I'm looking at all the incredible things that are out there today that I wish that were there during my time," Priscilla tells ET. "It's just fun to have a baby!"


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