Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jessica Simpson Has First Meeting With Tony Romo's Parents At An Olive Garden

Jessica Simpson, 27, met beau Tony Romo's parents on June 27, when all of them had dinner at an Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin. Tony, 28, who grew up in nearby Burlington, was home to play in a golf tournament.

But making a reservation at the Olive Garden surprised even the restaurant’s general manager. "We thought it was a big joke," said Doug Belfanz. "Jessica Simpson's not going to the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin!" Jessica, wearing a casual blouse and blue jeans, walked in holding hands with Tony, who wore a T-shirt and baseball cap.

Jessica had wine with her three-cheese ziti, but seemed more interested in Tony. "She scooted up next to him during the meal," says Belfanz. "They were acting like a couple." After dinner, they posed for a photo with the staff and signed autographs. Sneaking out through the kitchen, Jessica complimented the chefs on the meal. "They were laughing," Belfanz says. "It was just a big family being out."

Source: www.people.com

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