Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Hell's Kitchen Winner Is Revealed

There was one cook remaining in Hell's Kitchen on Tuesday's finale: Christina, 25, who won Gordon Ramsay's Fox show by beating out finalist Petrozza in a challenge that involved serving 50 diners. "I am, like, so happy on 10 different levels," the St. Louis native said after winning. "I can't even explain it."

Christina will now become the executive chef of Ramsay's newest restaurant, London, in West Hollywood, a prize worth $250,000. "It's almost like a fairy tale, you know?" Christina added, while her mom cried. "I guess it really does happen to people, even goobers like me."

Ramsay said he "definitely, definitely made the right choice. "Christina had the least amount of experience coming in, but I sensed something special," he said. "She had the best potential of any contestant."

Runner-up Petrozza had no hard feelings. The contestant congratulated his competitor and said, "It's been a tough journey."


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