Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christie Brinkley's Divorce Trial Heats Up!

The second day of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's divorce trial began just as dramatically as the first. Taking the stand in a Long Island, N.Y., courtroom, Christie testified about "the day my world was completely shattered" – the day she learned that husband Peter was having an affair with a teenager.

On June 25, 2006, just after the supermodel delivered the commencement speech at Southampton High School, Diana Bianchi's police officer stepfather tapped her on the shoulder, Christie, 54, testified, and told her her husband wouldn't leave Diana, his then-assistant, alone. "I turned to look at Peter. His face was so tense ... he was saying, 'No,' " Christie told the court. "I thought 'Oh my god. It's true. He did it.' I knew from his face. It explained the feelings I'd been trying not to feel."

Her voice filled with emotion, Christie, looked Peter in the eye as she testified. "I saw little Jack's face looking at his dad, the man and me," she said referring to her son, who was with them. "I thought, 'I am going to pass out.'" She said that her vision started to blur and her knees started to buckle. She searched for a chair to sit down so she could collect herself.

Then, she said, she pretended to tie her shoe so no one would see her breaking down, and asked Peter to "get her out of here." After the three arrived at her Bridgehampton home, Christie asked Peter for the car keys. "I drove away from my perfect life," she said, choking back tears. "I thought I had the picket fence. I thought we were happy."

Christie also testified about Peter's use of Internet porn, saying his habit upset her so much because he appeared intent on personally meeting the women he found online. "I found conversations of him trying to lure girls saying he would take them shopping, saying he would pay them if he could see their face," she said. When asked how she felt about discovering the porn she said, "I felt really stupid. Why didn't I know? Why wasn't I aware of this? I felt humiliated. I felt shattered. I just felt grief-stricken."

Earlier in the day, the model's best friend, Today correspondent Jill Rappaport, who first introduced Christie to Peter in 1996, detailed how devastated Christie was by the affair.

Hours after hearing the shocking news, Christie pulled over on a public road and "when I got there, Christie was lying on the ground huddled over with her hands on her knees. I thought she had died," Jill testified. "She was sobbing … almost catatonic. I grabbed her by the shoulders and she said, 'Can you believe this? Please tell me this is a nightmare.' "

Jill then accompanied Christie back to her home and comforted the sobbing supermodel in her bedroom. Later on that evening, according to Jill's testimony, Christie explained to her children – Sailor, 10 and Jack, 13 – why their father wasn't coming home, first telling Jack: "Daddy and I had a fight ... All mommys and daddys have fights and we're going to take a little time out."

The nasty divorce trial began on July 2, when an emotional Peter broke down on the witness stand as he admitted to spending $3,000 a month on Internet porn and detailed his trysts with Diana. Later on, Diana, now 21, and Christie’s daughter Alexa Ray (whose father is singer Billy Joel) also testified.

What's at stake for Christie and Peter? The contentious couple are battling over custody of their children Jack and Sailor, along with the distribution of assets which include several real estate properties and three boats.


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