Monday, June 9, 2008

Shania Twain Opens Up To Her Fans About Her Break Up From Husband Mutt Lange

Shania Twain is opening up to fans for the first time about her "broken heart" after splitting from her husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange, last year after 14 years of marriage.

"As I am sure you have seen or heard; I am going through a rough time personally in my life," the country star writes in a message to fans posted on her Web site Thursday. "I wanted you all to know that I could not be getting through this without you. Your letters, emails and words of encouragement give me strength. Your overwhelming support reminds me to smile, no matter how deep the pain and to always be grateful for all the beautiful blessings in my life."

Shania, 42, and Mutt, 59, who have a 6-year-old son, announced their separation last month. Sources tell PEOPLE that Mutt's relationship with another women, Shania's close friend Marie-Anne ThiƩbaud, was the reason behind the split.

"I have so much to say but I know the best way for me to speak is through my music," continues Twain. "This is my therapy, my passion, and my love. I look forward to sharing it with all of you as I begin this new journey. I need some time to heal this broken heart but make no mistake; I will be back and hopefully stronger than ever. Thank you my friends, from the bottom of my heart."


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