Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie Releasing Movies On The Same Day

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are about to face off...on the big screen. Angelina's drama Changeling and Jennifer's romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You are both scheduled to be released October 24, has confirmed. (Changeling will be out in limited release before going wide October 31.)

Angie — who earns $12-15 million a movie — is already generating Oscar buzz for her role a mother whose son is kidnapped ("her performance hits home," a Variety critic wrote).

Meanwhile, Jen— who rakes in an estimated $8 million a movie — plays Ben Affleck's love interest in the adaptation of the best-selling relationship book.

So who's the bigger box office draw? Jen, says Brandon Gray, the president and publisher of Box Office Mojo. "Aniston is more relatable to moviegoers and can star in these romantic comedies or dramas more successfully than Jolie," he tells Us.

"Angelina has tried to have variety in her career, but time and time again, she goes back to these vixen or bad girl roles," Gray adds. "She's had some success in those, but when she's strayed from it, she's flopped." (He cited 2003's Beyond Borders and 2007's A Mighty Heart as examples.) Jennifer, he said, "has carried successful pictures like The Break Up and Along Came Polly."


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