Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Joe Simpson Destroying Jessica And Tony's Relationship?

Us Weekly reporting that Jessica Simpson's controlling father Joe has brought her relationship with Tony Romo to the brink and was the main source behind their split in May. A source tells Us Joe asked Tony, 28, to drop his agent so he could take over his NFL career and $67.5 million contract.

He even offered to broker a deal to sell his engagement and wedding to a magazine should Tony and Jessica, 27, get engaged. "'If you guys have a marriage, I can do the same [sell it] that I did with Ashlee,'" a source quotes Joe as saying.
As tension grew, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback gave Jessica an ultimatum: Tell dad to back off!

When asked for comment by Us, Joe defended himself, telling Us, “It’s unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients. And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?"

Tony was also turned off by Jessica's partying, another source adds. "Tony goes out and he will drink socially, but he said Jess takes it to an extreme," the pal tells Us. For now, a source says Tony and Jessica are back on, in "a talking stage." Adds the source of their relationship, "it's in a middle-of-the-road state."

And while Jessica and Tony’s relationship might not be as strong as it once was her career is on the up swing. Jessica will perform her first single from her upcoming country album on The View on June 25. The singer will sing "Come on Over" from Las Vegas, where the chat-fest is broadcasting that week.