Monday, May 5, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Says Kim Cattrall Holding Out Made A Better Movie

Sarah Jessica Parker holds no grudges against co-star Kim Cattrall (Samantha), who held out from shooting the Sex and the City movie for years because she wanted more money. "If I had thought it was any of my business at the time, what I would have said is, 'Isn't it okay for Kim to think the money wasn't right?'" Sarah Jessica says in the new issue of New York magazine. She added, “Perhaps [Kim] was some kind of emotional psychic, because this way we made a better movie.”

Speaking of money, Sarah Jessica shot down a reporter's theory that her character Carrie Bradshaw has an attraction, conscious or unconscious, to Big because of his big bucks. "I really don't think money was a criteria [for their romance]," she insists. "It never would have occurred to her to take money from a man."

In the movie, Big buys her a new pad, complete with a huge closet for Carrie’s clothes obsession. "The closet was spectacular," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "For her, the closet is the heart of the house. That's what's promising about Carrie's relationship with Big. He doesn't care [about her love for clothes] — he doesn't judge it."

She wouldn't say whether Carrie weds in the movie, but admits, "we went through 40 or 50 dresses and did fitting after fitting after fitting. They literally came from every continent!" Sarah Jessica says the movie — out May 30 — is about "love, silliness and also sadness and loss and disappointment.

"[You see] how friends are necessary and how at a certain point, no one can fix [your problems] but yourself," she adds. "That's the difference of where Carrie is now and where she was in her 20s."


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