Friday, May 9, 2008

Nicole Richie Talks To Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Nicole Richie chatted with Harper's Bazaar for their June issue, discussing everything from motherhood, the start of her charity, whispers that she was attending events too soon, marriage, her and Joel Madden's relationship, their decision to do a People introductory photoshoot, her changing body, what she would think if Harlow got a tattoo (Joel is covered, Nicole has nine herself!) and more.

How she would describe her experience with motherhood thus far:
Hmm, I would say how fun it is. Everybody talks about how difficult it is in the first three months, but I absolutely love it. Everything I do is for her. My whole life revolves around her and I absolutely love it.
I was so excited from the minute I found out I was pregnant ... and it's been nothing but an amazing ride since.

How Lionel thinks Nicole has changed:
Motherhood has given her all the keys to understanding how her mother and I were trying to raise her. Now it has come full circle.

On the topic of marriage and more kids:
One day, yeah -- not tomorrow, not today. We are committed to our family. I'm 26. I've definitely had a very eventful year. So right now, it's about me enjoying my time with my daughter.
I want five children: twin boys and three girls. I've wanted that since I was a little girl.

On Joel as a father:
Joel actually changes more diapers than I do! It's his time with her. He sings to her ... he laughs with her, plays with her. It's amazing.

On complaints that she attended events at a few weeks postpartum:
You know what? (furrows brow) I was gone for maybe three hours. I never go out. I go four or five days without leaving my house. But the press just went wild with it. [We have] a date night once a week. [Sometimes we see] a movie if the running time's not too long.

On tattoos:
To be honest, it would completely break my heart if she got a tattoo!


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