Sunday, May 4, 2008

John Mayer Avoids Jen Aniston Talk And Talks Hair

In blog post about his new look, John Mayer –and his new feathered ’80s-haircut–headed out to New York’s Soho Friday night, still talking about, yes, his newly shorn tresses. “I want everyone who reads PEOPLE magazine to know how important this haircut is,” John said outside the Comedy Cellar after performing a standup routine. “It’s important because it draws people together. Feel it. Run your fingers through my hair, and tell me what it feels like. It feels like silk.”

And hair was the only topic on John’s mind, having brushed off questions about his Miami weekend with Jennifer Aniston, saying, “Forget about blogs.” Instead, John took this reporter’s hand and insisted that she run her fingers through his hair again– and again. “Run your fingers through it all the way and describe what it feels like,” he said, before demanding, “Now, write a haiku about what my hair feels like.” It couldn’t be done on the spot. “That’s the thing,” he said. “No one can do it,” before climbing into the front seat of his car and driving away.


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