Friday, May 9, 2008

Denise Richards Debuts Reality Show And Ex Charlie Sheen Marries

Denise Richards says she is in a "no-win situation" with her upcoming reality show. "If I have my kids on my show, I'm exploiting them," the actress says in the June issue of Redbook. "If I don't, people will think I'm not a hands on mom – That's why it's very important to me that the girls are part of it."

Denise has been criticized by ex Charlie Sheen and his fiancee Brooke Mueller for including her daughters with Charlie – Sam, 3, and Lola, 2 – in her reality show. "Charlie and I both think it’s exploitative and not good," Brooke told in February. "But the judge ruled in her favor so there's nothing we can do."

Denise says she doesn't want her kids to "ever to feel torn between" her and Charlie and she once fired a nanny for bashing him in front of their daughters. "Charlie is their dad, so if I insult their father it's an insult to them," she says in Redbook.

On dating, Denise tells the magazine, "I"m 37 years old, divorced with two kids, and my ex-husband is Charlie Sheen. I obviously have a lot of crap to get through right now, and I want a partner who understands all of this and still wants to be with me through the journey.”

Charlie and Brooke are tying the knot on May 30. Denise’s reality show debuts on E! on Memorial Day.


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