Monday, May 5, 2008


Normally I love the way Faith Hill dresses, but this look kills me. It is like Dottie West in 1980. What is that around her neck and the pants with the super high heels and her hair... can we say stop going to mom for hairstyles.

Is she wearing a bed sheet? And if the fact we can't see her feet and that she might fly away is not bed enough she added that head band! This is not 1983 and we are not at the gym.

Okay the shows and pants past, but that top with the is it a vest or is it blouse vibe has to go. And the little jacket added to it... let it go! And oh yeah, a little tummy is fine, but girl we get it, you are in shape!

Here we go again with TomKat. Tom gets a pass. I am not thrilled with his look, but okay. Now Katie you are the problem. Nice legs and great shoes. The dress.... did you shop in your grandma's attic? Not only are the puffy looking sleeves and high neckline killing it, but that color. 1970's bad drapes is all I see.

If you disagree with what I think tell me about it.

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