Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sam Luffi Staying Away From Britney Longer

Britney Spears's former confidante, Sam Lutfi, has agreed to stay away from the singer for an additional month. The temporary restraining order placed against him last month was set to expire Monday. It appears the deal was struck as a way of warding off a courtroom confrontation with Britney's parents. (The court is expected to approve the extension.)

Britney's mother, Lynne, previously accused Lutfi of drugging and verbally abusing her daughter. (Los Angeles police have said they are considering the claims.) Based on evidence presented in court, a restraining order can be extended for up to five years, legal experts say. "In order to have a restraining order dropped, Lutfi would have to convince the judge that all the evidence against him being a threat to the family is wrong," says L.A. family lawyer Scott Weston, who is not involved in the case.

Source: www.People.com