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Katie "Jordan" Price And Son Harvey Pose For OK Magazine

In honor of Britain's Mother's Day, which was Sunday, March 2nd, glamour model and author Katie 'Jordan' Price Andre and her son Harvey Daniel, 5 ½, posed for a photoshoot with OK! UK. In addition, Katie did an interview discussing Harvey's septo-optic dysplasia and multiple pituitary hormone deficiency, which causes him to have a hormone imbalance, be on the autistic spectrum, and also sight impaired. Along with raising Harvey, Katie and husband Peter Andre are also parents to Junior Savva, 2 ½, and Princess TiĆ”amii, 8 months.

How Harvey is doing at the moment:
He is a nightmare at the moment. His behavior is terrible. Me and a friend went in to town the other day with the three kids and Harvey was fine until he got to the car park. As soon as I opened the boot [trunk] of the car that was it. It triggered him off.
I tried to get him out of his wheelchair, he threw himself on the floor and it was that bad that a woman asked if we wanted help. I said: 'No, we're alright, thanks.' There were me and my friend trying to lift an eight stone child, who was flipping like a fish, in to the car.

On his tantrums:
I think they're getting worse because he's bigger and stronger now. Sometimes I have to hold his legs down to put his shoes on.
I take him out on his own all the time. [If he has a tantrum,] I just have to wait ages until he calms down. It always happens in public. I don't really look at anyone else -- I don't really care. If they're standing there staring I'll say: 'What are you staring at? He's not an animal in a cage."

On the biggest concern:
His behavior --- it's to do with his septo-optic dysplasia and all kids with it have behavioral problems but each kid is different. The doctors say he might grow out of it, we'll have to wait and see. It's just the way he is -- it's part of his condition.
He has a tent in the kitchen where he goes and calms down because that's what he has at school as well. And I'm not the type who will give him a smack -- the best thing is to stay calm.

On his weight:
[Right now, he weighs] same as me -- eight stone [112 lbs]. His weight's not an issue at the moment because he's also quite tall. Specialists reckon he's going to be about 6 ft 8 in when he's fully grown. He will grow in to his weight. His weight doesn't have anything to do with it anyway -- it's to do with his thyroid and his medication. He doesn't actually eat much.

On the types of exercise he gets:
At school he'll go horse riding and swimming. He loves swimming but he doesn't really need an exercise regime because he's a kid and he's up and about, playing. He plays on the swings and slide with Junior, we go for walks in the grounds, he likes going on the trampoline and he's obsessed with the treadmill in our lounge! He presses the button and slides back slowly, then likes to catch up.

On what makes Harvey happy:
He loves praise. If he reads his book and knows all the animals he loves that, and he loves when you say well done for it. If you acknowledge and understand what he's saying that makes him happy. He likes getting in my black car and watching Barney or listening to soul. If there's any other music he hates it.

He likes looking out of the window and saying the colors of the cars that are going past - or he will say 'Rosie-fence' when he sees a fence because he associates fences with his horse Rosie. He loves playing games on his touch screen computer because when he does something right, it says: 'Very good!' He's also got a little touch screen computer we take on holiday with us as well.

He also loves cold water -- he's absolutely obsessed with it. I run him a bath and then he fills up a bowl with freezing-cold water and loves to pour it all over himself. He shakes and really laughs and blinks his eyes. Then he says: 'More, more!' He loves being tickled as well. He's always saying 'tickle back' or tickle head.'

On what makes him upset:
People -- a lot of people around him or a lot of noise around him. Loud bangs, doors closing, being in unfamiliar places -- he hates his routine being changed. He knows that Mark the driver arrives with my mum in the morning in a silver car to take him to school -- they open the back door, then one front door, then the other one and if that routine changes you're screwed because he flips himself on the floor and won't get up for ages.
Sometimes he'll kick off a few times a day and then other times you'll say: "Do you want to watch Barney?" and he'll just get up and say yes. Sticking to a routine is another part of his condition and he goes nuts if it's changed.

On Harvey's schooling:
There's a book that comes back to us every day from his school. The teachers write in it about what he's been like - what he's had to eat and drink, what he's done, how many times he's been to the toilet, anything different or special that's happened that day.
I think he knows more colors and shapes than me! He knows the difference between a pentagon, hexagon and an octagon and I wouldn't know that!

On what he's like with other children and adults:
He's not sociable -- he recognizes the four kids in his class and remembers their names but he doesn't interact much with them. He's fascinated with kids that are a little bit taller than him though - he won't leave them alone. He wants to go up and squeeze and cuddle them and gets really excited but then he pushes them away. It's like he doesn't know what to do because he's so excited and so he ends up shoving them away because he can't handle it.
He actually loves pushing people on the ground and bouncing on them at the moment! He does that with me all the time and also does it to my dad. The more agony you pretend to be in, the more he does it. He also grabs my dad's ears and shakes his head.

How Harvey is with Junior and Princess:
He's not that fussed with Princess - he calls her baby sister and is not that bothered with her -- and Junior he sometimes has time for and sometimes he doesn't. Junior and Princess get on really well together, though.
We still have to watch Harvey all the time so he doesn't whack them -- you have to watch him with anything breathing! Junior might give him a piece of biscuit and he'll say: 'Thank you Junior, now clap,' and Junior has to clap -- Junior knows the routine.
Junior stays out of his way, though. He loves his big brother to bits, but he knows not to go too near most of the time.

On what Katie enjoys about being a mother:
Everything. I can't wait to have more kids. I want to wait until Princess is at nursery, though, so we can enjoy the three we have now. Although we've just got a new seven seater, so that's an excuse to have more!

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thanks to Katie for open and honest comments about her little boy Harvey. He is lucky to have a mom like her.

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