Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scientology Critic Found Dead At 39

Shawn Lonsdale was one of Scientology's harshest critics. He directed his own anti-Scientology documentary and also became a fixture in Clearwater for standing outside Scientology offices and filming workers coming and going. He was found dead of an apparent suicide in his home in Clearwater, Florida this past weekend reports Tampa Bay Online. He was 39. Police spokesperson, Elizabeth Daly-Watts, said there was no evidence of foul play and a suicide note was found at the scene. Police found a garden hose running from his car to his home.

Shawn was never a Scientologist, but became intrigued by the church after reading about them. He then began to work on exposing the church and annoying its members. Scientologists fought back by hiring a private investigator to look into his past. They found several charges against him related to sex with men in public and posted fliers around town warning everyone about him. It's been reported that they included his social security number on the fliers.

Radar reports that several Internet message board posters aren't so sure about the foul play part. They said Scientology members constantly harassed him and may have driven him to suicide. One poster wrote, "An apparent suicide? Maybe it was staged to look like a suicide. Has anyone noticed how many Off-Duty Officers work for Scientology! These will be the same officers investigating this Suicide???? An investigation with Impartiality? Justice Denied?"

One poster on Tampa Bay's site claims the Police spokesperson might be a Scientologist. They wrote, "Interesting that the police spokeswoman would be Elizabeth Daly-Watts considering she's a scientologist herself. A quick search of Google will follow that up. Somethings fishy here.

In the past recent months Shawn had basically stopped all his anti-Scientology activity. He stopped posting on his website and on message board. Sounds like Tommy Boy and freak show buddies got their message across. They freak me out big time. Scientology is full of a bunch of nut jobs.


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