Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Michelle And Matilda Arrive In Australia For Heath's Funeral

Heath Ledger's ex Michelle Williams and their daughter Matilda arrived in Perth, Australia, Wednesday to attend the late actor's funeral. Wearing a black dress and sunglasses, Michelle carried Matilda, 2, on her left hip as she entered the airport. Matilda held a white stuffed rabbit, Australia's The Age reports. They arrived on 3 p.m. Qantas flight from Los Angeles via Melbourne, according to The Age. She refused to comment on of Heath's funeral plans.

Heath's parents returned home Tuesday. Michelle’s arrival comes days after she attended a private ceremony Saturday in L.A. to honor the late actor. On Friday, she released a statement on Heath's death. "My heart is broken," she said. Autopsy results in Heath's death are expected as early as today.


*Note: Image not from their arrival. It is an older one I liked.