Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Jamie-Lynn Getting Her Own House?

Jamie Lynn Spears is 16-years-old, pregnant and already looking for a new home for herself and her babydaddy!!! They sure grow up fast, don’t they? Photogs recently caught up with the teenage mama-to-be as she and mama Lynne Spears cruised a slew of potential cribs in Kentwood, LA for Jamie Lynn and her growing family.

While their mother-daughter reunion looked warm and tender, Life & Style magazine says it was anything but. Before leaving for Los Angeles, a Spears family insiders told the glossy that Lynne had given her young daughter just one rule: Don’t go out in public with beau Casey Aldridge! As we all know she ignored that — she was out and about with Casey on several occasions and there was plenty of photos and video to show.

Says an insider: “Jamie Lynn broke the rules, pure and simple. Her parents didn’t even want her to see Casey, but they knew that would be a lost cause. So they told Jamie Lynn she could see him, but no sleepovers and no hanging out in public.” So when Lynne finally got back to Kentwood, the insider adds, “she totally reamed Jamie Lynn.”

So, why do the Spears parents not want their daughter to be in the spotlight with her babydaddy? To salvage what’s left of Jamie Lynn’s reputation. Adds the Spears family friend: “Lynne doesn’t want to keep reminding the world that Jamie Lynn is pregnant. She’s worried Hollywood won’t ever see her in innocent roles again.”


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