Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday Night Lights Might Survive!

Welcome to the news that just might make your month if you're a fan of Friday Night Lights. Inside sources confirmed to E! Online column Watch With Kristin that NBC Universal (the studio that makes FNL) is currently talking to various networks about the idea of sharing the show's third season among more than one channel in an effort to save the series from cancellation and broaden its audience. Those channels in discussion include the CW, TNT, DirecTV and a place called Comcast Entertainment Group, which E! falls under.

So, what exactly does this potential expansion deal mean? The intricacies have yet to be hammered out, but the general idea is that NBC would first-run its episodes of Friday Night Lights and then other network(s) would pay a repurposing fee to air repeats at other times during the week. This plan could be a huge benefit to FNL and its fans for three reasons:
1. It will bring Friday Night Lights to new viewers who have not yet seen it.
2. Those viewers will undoubtedly fall in love with FNL and start watching the original on NBC.
3. The show could finally receive the ratings and mainstream awareness it so richly deserves. Hello, Emmy for Connie Britton! Hello, GQ cover for Taylor Kitsch!

In short, Friday Night Lights, one of the best series ever to hit the small screen, could be saved. Truly saved in a way that not only pleases the fans and critics, but offers real potential for greatly improve ratings and a bottom-line success story for NBC's higher-ups to brag about.


Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. I am so excited that my favorite show may be saved. I love this show…love….love. I never miss it. I was in tears when I thought I may never get the answers I wanted for my favorite characters and their amazing storylines. Who ever decides to give this show that success it deserves is my hero.

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