Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cher To Perform At Vegas' Caesars Palace

Cher who retired from touring in 2005, will star in a song-and-dance spectacle starting May 6 at the 4,100-seat Colosseum in Caesars Palace. She'll perform four shows weekly for one month, then return mid-August through early October, leapfrogging stints with Bette Midler. Her pact with promoter AEG Live extends three years.

Cher promises a "visually unbelievable" hit parade that entails elaborate choreography, complex staging, eye-popping costumes, 14 dancers and four aerialists. The music will access all chapters of Cher's career, from her Sonny & Cher start to her recent dance-pop phase, and she's plotting updates of both old and new hits.

Cher's extravagant 2002-05 Farewell Tour rang up $192.5 million from 273 shows, the ninth-highest-grossing tour in history, according to Billboard Boxscore. “Cher definitely achieved elite status as a live performer on her Farewell Tour, which was a remarkable endurance test and a hugely popular draw," says Billboard touring editor Ray Waddell.

"With her elaborate costumes, long list of hits and over-the-top presentation, I can't think of another artist more suited to Vegas. A Cher concert is just a really good time." Cher insists her Vegas splash won't recycle Farewell's motifs: "I'd like to be challenged."


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