Thursday, February 7, 2008

Britney's First Day Out

Britney Spears spent her first night out of the hospital at home with her family, after what was a dramatic day with the pop star driving around L.A. After her surprise early release from the UCLA Medical Center's psych ward, Britney spent much of Wednesday bouncing around the city – speeding off with one paparazzi pal, getting a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel and visiting with lawyer Adam Streisand.

But the singer's first night of freedom was uneventful (at least from the outside). After sneaking out of the law office in Century City, the singer and her paparazzo-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib reportedly stopped at a restaurant in the Valley. The two were then driven back to Spears's Summit Circle house in Studio City by a photographer from the X17 photo agency.

The singer's father, Jamie, who has been named co-conservator of her $40-million fortune, was spotted at the Beverly Hills Hotel Wednesday evening and was "tired looking," says one witness. He was briefly escorted to a room, but later returned to the Summit house, where Britney, Ghalib, and the singer's mother, Lynne, were all gathered.

After midnight, Lynne drove away from the house in her Range Rover. Mobbed by photographers, she ducked behind the steering wheel to shield herself from the snappers. As night turned into morning, Britney and Jamie remained inside the house.

Britney's confidante, Sam Lutfi, who has been accused of drugging Britney and has been ordered to keep his distance from the singer, has yet to resurface.


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