Monday, February 18, 2008

Britney Spends Weekend With Daddy

Britney Spears marked a relatively quiet President's Day weekend, with her Saturday spent in the company of her father and her assistant Brett inside her Beverly Hills home. When his daughter did go out, Jamie Spears, who has been appointed a conservator in charge of Britney's well-being and her finances, accompanied her to dinner, with the two joining a small party at Citrus at Social Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard.

Outside chef Michel Richards's new restaurant, a photographer asked the pop star how she was doing. "Good," she replied gently. At dinner, "she seemed totally normal and level-headed, and everyone with her seemed calm," said a customer in the restaurant. "She was with a table of five people." When she left, she exited through a side door, and took a coffee cup with her.

The occasion was a stark contrast to exactly a year ago, when a frenzied Britney went into a San Fernando Valley salon and shaved off her hair.

On Saturday, she wore a long chocolate-brown jersey dress with spaghetti straps, accessorized with silver jewelry including drop earrings, a necklace and a watch. The previous day, the singer spent time inside some West Hollywood boutiques, where she browsed rather than bought.


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