Monday, February 18, 2008

Amy Needs To Ditch “Blake Incarcerated”!

Blake Fielder-Civil is such a loser that he is using wife Amy Winehouse's fame to feed his habit by trading signed pics of her for hits of heroin from other jailhouse dudes. Amy’s beloved “Blake incarcerated” offers autographed snaps to greedy cons who hope to cash in by selling them on the net.

In return for his grubby currency they hand over a “Joey” – slang for a hit of heroin. News of his sickening exploitation emerged last night while he was recovering from an overdose in north London’s Pentonville prison. Guards found the wasted piece of crap writhing in pain and vomiting buckets in his cell. It seems he and six other inmates fell ill after taking contaminated heroin.

A source said: “Blake has to pay for his gear somehow – and he has no qualms about cashing in on his wife’s fame. He’ll take orders from other inmates then ask Amy to bring in signed photos of herself during visits. He usually gets her to write a little personalized note to make it look authentic. Once he’s back on the wing he’ll swap these for Joeys.”

“The boys think they’ll get a few quid for them on eBay. It’s not clear whether she knows exactly what’s going on . . . but she must find it strange that all these so-called prison hardmen have suddenly become starstruck Amy Winehouse fans.”

Amy looked sad and lost on a girls’ night out in London on Saturday with two friends. They went for dinner in Shoreditch, then to her old Camden house for a party and finally back to her flat in Bow. While Amy has been making an effort to clean up her act, Blake has just come out of solitary after repeatedly failing drugs tests.


Amy needs to ditch Blake. He is worthless. She can do so much better.

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