Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol's Top 24!

American Idol’s Top 24 for Season 7:

Top 12 Girls:
Carly Smithson: 24, tattooed San Diegan by way of Dublin, Ireland.
Amanda Overmeyer: 23, rock 'n' roll nurse from Indiana.
Kristy Lee Cook: 24, horse trainer from the Pacific Northwest.
Brooke White: 24, pure-living nanny from Arizona.
Alexandrea Lushington: 17, Georgian with an adorable and supportive grandma.
Ramiele Maluba: 20, pint-sized powerhouse from Florida.
Syesha Mercado: 21, confident Floridian who lost her voice in Hollywood.
Kady Malloy: 18, Houston native we know nothing about.
Amy Davis: 25, Grad student from Indiana who hasn't gotten much camera time.
Alaina Whitaker: 16, this year's youngest contestant.
Asia'h Epperson: 19, Missouri waitress whose father died right before auditions.
Joanna Borgella: 25, plus-size model from New York.

Top 12 Guys:
David Cook: 25, from Oklahoma, with goofy hair.
David Archuleta: 17, Utah, an early favorite.
Danny Noriega: 18, California, with a voice that's a complete surprise.
Jason Castro: 20, Texas, dread-locked dude we've seen little of.
Luke Menard: 29, Chicago finance worker who gave up his career to tour with an a capella group.
Michael Johns: 29, from Perth, Australia.
Robbie Carrico: 26, one-time boy-bander from Florida.
Garrett Haley: 17, crazy-haired kid from Ohio.
Chikezie Eze: 22, from Inglewood, Calif.; he got through after previous rejection.
Jason Yaeger: 28, and was in a boy band called "True This."
David Hernandez: 24, from Glendale, AZ made it despite Simon's protests.
Colton Berry: 18, musical theater guy from Virginia with some of this season's more ridiculous hair.


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