Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tony Romo Says He Is Ready For Game Sunday

Now that Tony Romo back from his romantic Mexican getaway with Jessica Simpson, Dallas quarterback swears he's got his head in the game. "For me, it's about just going out here and giving everything I've got to try to win this game this weekend," he said in a Dallas Morning News video clip. That "game," of course, is their first-round playoff match-up against the New York Giants.

As for the suggestion that Jessica is a distraction for the young quarterback, Tony seems unfazed. "I don't care about perception," he said. "People like to believe everything they read and hear and stuff, but I'm content in my own skin." (Jessica has announced she will not be attending the game.)

The Pro-Bowler said he'll have no regrets come Sunday, win or lose. "I try to do two things in my life," he said in the clip. "One is to work really hard at football and the other is to try and be a good person. If I do those two things, I can sleep at night, always – no matter what the outcome is.


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