Friday, January 4, 2008

Family and Friends Terrified For Britney

Britney Spears's family is "terrified" following the news of her hospitalization, a source close to the family says. "Everyone has been worried for some time," says the source. "Her world has been crumbling around her and this is another call for help. Her parents are just devastated. Nobody knows if they can take much more, but they're trying to be as strong as they can."

Britney's father Jamie was at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Thursday night, and her older brother Bryan was expected to show up Friday, according to a source. Britney's mom Lynne, who's been in constant contact with Britney, and 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn have been in seclusion following the December bombshell that Jamie Lynn is pregnant. The two are now en route to their hometown, Kentwood, La., from an undisclosed location, a source says.

Another family friend, Britney’s former dance teacher Renee Donewar, tells PEOPLE, "I don't even know where Britney's head is. I thought she had already hit rock bottom. I can't imagine what's next." Donewar says she believes Britney will (and should) lose custody of her kids.

"She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper," says Donewar. "How can anybody say, 'She's been through a rough time and she should have her children.' She is not in a state of mind to have her children. She's confirming everything bad that people think. It is really a shame."


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