Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Katie Talks Suri With Letterman

Katie Holmes discussed the three M's with David Letterman Monday night: marathons, her movie Mad Money and, most importantly, motherhood. "They do grow up so quickly," Katie, mother of daughter Suri, who turns 2 in April, told the Late Show host, who is father of son Harry, who turned 4 in November.

Of being a parent, Katie said, "It is beautiful [to] become part of that club. It's sweet, and suddenly your life is just magical."

Letterman wondered if, like he, Katie tends to wake up her child when she's napping, because she misses her so much. Katie said she does do that to Suri, "and stare and kind of kiss her and see if, maybe, she'll wake up."

Bedtime for Suri? "She goes to sleep pretty late, because we go to sleep late," says the mother. "Around 11." She wakes up at 9 the next morning. "Jackpot!" exclaimed Letterman, whose Harry is up at 6 every morning. "It's like he was driving the Today Show crew to work."

Katie also said she wouldn't mind if Suri grew up to become an actress. "I'm excited," she said. "She's so sweet and already talking a lot. You can already see she's a wonderful artist."


Okay is it just me or is magical her favorite way to talk about everything? Her wedding was magical, Tom is magical… etc… So are these people like part of a Disney movie or something. It is almost like she is high. This girl is brain washed!

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