Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Review Of Jessica Simpson's Film

On December 21, Jessica Simpson’s new comedy Blonde Ambition opened on just eight screens, all in her home state of Texas. The film — which earned a miniscule $1,190 during its opening weekend — was not screened for critics. It was pulled from screens January 2 due to lack of sales.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, a Texas reader named Angie hit the Cinemark Movies 10 in Plano, Texas (cost of admission: $1; half-off on Tuesdays), to check it out for Us.

Here's her review:
"The flick, about a naive southern girl in NYC, is full of horrible stereotypes and bad dialogue. Scenes with Simpson’s love interest, Luke Wilson, are also pitiful. In one, they both unbutton their pants after eating pizza and sigh in sexually suggestive relief. Considering her dad, Joe, is a producer, I was creeped out to see Simpson in low-cut tops and sticking her butt out a lot. Bottom line: I want my dollar back."


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