Monday, January 21, 2008

Giants Fans Get Bridget Moynahan Masks For SuperBowl

Hot on the heels of the Jessica Simpson masks that football fans wore to throw off Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Giants fans have started strapping on masks of Bridget Moynahan, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's baby mama.

The campaign to distract Tom by flaunting the face of his ex-girlfriend is being spearheaded by New York's classic rock station Q104.3, which is "all about psyching out Brady for the Super Bowl," according to their website. "We've created this Bridget mask to help you guys do it! Download it, print it out on a color printer, cut it up, paste it to a stick and voila! Carry it with you around the city, take it with you to the big game — don't let any opportunity to psyche Brady out pass!"

Bridget masks are available on the radio station's website — out-of-wedlock baby sold separately.