Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dr. Drew Gives His Thoughts On Britney

Dr. Drew Pinsky speaks exclusively with in a candid interview about his thoughts on the complex issues surrounding Britney Spears. Drawing comparison to another tragic Hollywood figure, Pinsky said that recent events make it feel like "we are watching Anna Nicole Smith in real time."

The doctor turned radio host turned TV star, who is board certified in addiction medicine, believes that Britney has a complex medical problem that may encompass multiple mental health issues. "She has, in my opinion, more than one possible diagnosis which could include bipolar disorder, addiction to some substance, and post-partem depression, among others," he explains. "There isn't just one diagnosis with her."

Drew suggests that Brit "seek at least one year of inpatient in-depth treatment," consisting of "an extensive multi-disciplinary team." If she doesn't, Drew tells he fears that she could die. The saddest part for this veteran mental health specialist? "This is a very treatable young lady whom, if she were to receive sustained medical treatment, would stand a much better chance of success."

Pinksy is not currently treating Spears. His reality show, Celebrity Rehab, premieres on VH1 on January 10.


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