Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daniel Wanted To "Break Free" Of Mother Anna Nicole

Daniel Smith, the deceased son of Anna Nicole Smith, longed to disassociate from the image of his mother and the media circus surrounding her, a family friend stated today. The Associated Press reports that Ford Shelley, who was linked to the company that developed Anna Nicole's Bahamian home, testified at an inquest into Daniel's death today. "He loved his mother but didn't want to be known as her son," Shelley said, adding, "he wanted to break free."

While an independent autopsy conducted in January of last year concluded that a lethal drug cocktail was responsible for the 20 year-old's passing, Ford claims that Daniel was timid toward drugs and "couldn't even hold his liquor." Not the case for his mother Anna Nicole, according to Ford, who claimed that the blonde kept her prescription drugs (prescribed to four different aliases) in a duffel bag, among them methadone in both liquid and pill form, which examiners say largely contributed to Daniel's death.

The inquest, made today in Nassau, Bahamas, was attended by Anna Nicole's longtime companion Howard K. Stern as well as her mother, Virgie Arthur, and continues through tomorrow with statements expected from two different nannies who cared for Dannielynn while on the Island. At its close a jury will decide the official causes of Daniel's death and advise on appropriate criminal charges if fault is determined.


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