Friday, January 11, 2008

Britney's Brief Mexican Vacation

Britney Spears spent a brief Mexican holiday with her paparazzi friend, checking into a hotel in Rosarito Beach and buying a knockoff Gucci purse, according to a local press report. Britney wore her pink wig as she and photographer Adnan Ghalib arrived in a black SUV at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, just south of the Border, at about 3 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Ensenada, Mexico, newspaper, El Vigia.

Britney checked into a $235-a-night-suite, the paper says. The pair were apparently accompanied by other friends, according to the report. Ghalib later confirmed the trip to photo agency X17, the agency says.

While at the hotel, Britney stopped in a gift shop and purchased an imitation Gucci bag and another bag while Ghalib bought a rosary, spending a total of $60, El Vigia reports. "She looked serious and haggard," a sales clerk told the paper in Spanish. "She didn't have makeup on."

The pop star has been in continuous motion since she lost child-visitation rights and was released from the hospital from a mental-health hold after a police standoff. Britney went to Palm Desert with Ghalib and cruised around at night in her car, only to get a flat tire and have the car impounded.


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