Monday, January 14, 2008

Brad Pitt's Actions With Pax In Question

These days, we almost expect to hear shocking stories about certain celebrity parents. But superdad Brad Pitt? According to Life & Style, Brad played precariously with Pax on a recent visit to a New Orleans construction site. The reportedly reluctant 4-year-old spent 45 minutes as a passenger on Mr. Pitt’s wild ride as Brad zipped around on an ATV-like vehicle. “[Pax] was ready to stop after 10 minutes,” one witness told the magazine. “He was miserable.” What’s more, the witness said that Pax was not strapped in with a bolster seat or wearing a helmet. Instead, Brad drove “Britney style,” with Pax sitting on his lap.

Earlier that day, Pax held on for dear life as Brad took him on a 30-foot ride in a cherry picker with only dad’s arm to keep him from falling. “Pax should be wearing a helmet and strapped into a harness fastened to the equipment,” safety expert Harris Gross told Life & Style. Why the gross oversight in safety? “[Brad] says he loves sharing his interests with the boys,” said a friend. Still if we are being so tough on Britney why not Brad? Just something to think about.


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