Monday, January 14, 2008

American Idol Star Of Super Bowl Pregame Show

Fox Sports Chairman David Hill says Fox, which has this season's Super Bowl, will put on a pregame show that is glitzier than usual — and, it appears, will go all-out to promote Fox's American Idol. Says Hill: "What I'm trying to do, obviously, is meld two television icons."

Today, Fox announced its Super Bowl pregame show will debut Idol judge Paula Abdul's Dance Like There's No Tomorrow music video, and she might also perform the song live. The song will be the first single released off an upcoming album produced by another Idol judge — Randy Jackson — who'll also appear on the pregame show. And, Idol host Ryan Seacrest will be a host of the pregame show, where he'll do red-carpet interviews with celebs coming into the stadium. Especially, one assumes, if they have anything to do with Idol.

Hill sounds open to any Idol tie-in: "I wish (Idol host) Simon Cowell had called and said he's doing, say, an audio book of poetry. Simon reading William Wordsworth. It'd probably sell." Hill acknowledges some critics might say Fox could go "overboard on entertainment." But don't expect to see, say, Fox's Bart Simpson drop by the booth. Hill says all entertainment elements will stop by kickoff: "No personalities in the booth. I disagree with that totally — 200%."


I am glad they are not going to mess up the game with celebrities in the booth. I always hate that. I want to watch the game not listen to some celeb plug their latest project.

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