Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney In The Hospital Again!

TMZ has a summary of what went down last night in the second commitment of Britney Spears. Check it out:

Last night, Britney's new psychiatrist went to her home and felt she was a danger to herself and others -- partly because of her reckless driving and partly because of her "downhill behavior." As a result, the shrink launched a plan (days in the making) to have Britney committed to UCLA Medical Center by calling the cops.

Sources tell us the cops knew it was coming. In fact, the plan was for cops and paramedics to take Britney away the night before, but it was scrubbed. Last night, it all went down according to plan. Cops even used code to minimize craziness in transporting Britney to the hospital. Over the police radio, she was referred to as "The Package."

Before the cops arrived, the shrink told her she was going back to the hospital and she offered no resistance. She said, "Is something wrong?" She made hot chocolate and waited. Her mom, Lynne, got extremely agitated, accusing Sam of engineering the impending commitment. We're told Brit told her to "shut the hell up." She demanded silence, sat on the floor and wrote notes to people who were there as they waited. When emergency personnel arrived, Brit went on the gurney without resistance.

When everyone arrived at UCLA, things got heated. Jamie Spears began screaming at Sam Lutfi, accusing him of trying to control Britney. We're told as far as the doctors are concerned -- at least for now -- Lynne and Jamie Spears are not calling the shots. The point guy for the docs is Brit's friend, Sam Lutfi.

Sources say after Britney's commitment earlier this month, she was extremely upset at her dad for getting angry at Sam and the hospital staff. Britney had lawyers draft several documents, however, we're told she did not sign a durable power of attorney giving Lutfi the power to make medical decisions on her behalf. Nevertheless, something was signed and doctors are going to Lutfi for guidance. Jamie went off on Lutfi in the hallway, accusing him of trying to control his daughter.

Britney has been calm in the hospital, even getting a "cigarette break."

We're told during the initial 72-hour stay she cannot be forced to take medication against her will. If, however, she refuses to take the meds, the plan is for the psychiatrist to go to court and have Britney held for an additional 14 days, during which time he could administer proper medications.

As TMZ first reported, Britney has already been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and has sporadically taken her medication. But one source says the meds just aren't doing the trick.

Oh, and get this. Lynne Spears drove to the hospital tonight with Brit's pap friend Adnan!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr. Phil Uses Britney Again!

Dr. Phil McGraw, America's favorite unlicensed syndicated clinical psychologist, made the rounds on the morning news shows today, trying to defend himself over the comments he made about his bedside visit with Britney Spears (and to promote his 1,000th show).

First, he popped by Good Morning America and although he admitted he was no longer licensed to provide a real diagnosis or professional feedback, Dr. Phil (again) said "[Britney] needs to be in in-patient care." He was happy to share with the Diane Sawyer-watching world: "I hear now that Britney is seeing someone and is getting some help and I hope that's true."

During the well-rehearsed diatribe, which he repeated almost word-for-word minutes later on the Today show, Dr. Phil claimed that he "never reached out or initiated contact with the Spears family. Lynne reached out to me over a year ago." When asked if he apologized to Lynne or anyone in the Spears camp, Dr. Phil said, "My wife talks to Lynne much more than I do."

Dr. Phil said he made the public statement about his visit with Britney at Cedars-Sinai on January 5 "because I wanted to stop speculation about what went on there. I didn't say anything in the statement that I hadn't said before." He also claimed that at no point were they trying to stage an intervention.

Matt Lauer grilled him on whether Phil McGraw, TV producer, saw publicity written all over the Spears' invitation to speak with Britney. "It didn't cross my mind," he said during his second promotional tour publicizing the visit.


Stars Out And About

Avril Lavigne and hubby Deryck Whibley hit the beach Tuesday in Miami, where they've been relaxing with cocktails by the pool and enjoying sunset strolls in the sand.

After announcing her second pregnancy, Gwen Stefani bundles up to protect herself against New York's chilly temperatures Tuesday, while making her way through John F. Kennedy Airport.

Jessica Simpson arrived at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport early Wednesday with her dog, Daisy. The singer, who's in town for meetings, brings along a nice reminder of her beau Tony Romo: a Dallas Cowboys cap!

Katherine Heigl goes for glamour Tuesday night while celebrating hubby Josh Kelley's birthday with a dinner at hotspot Katsuya Hollywood followed by a star-studded bash at "SBE's S Bar."

Katie "Jordan" Price Hotter Than Ever

British Pam Anderson wannabe, Katie Price aka Jordan, has been stripped of her pancake makeup, peroxide blonde weave and gargantuan boobs! The trashtastic reality star was snapped in London on Monday, looking a hundred times better in a classier brunette 'do and downsized breasts. Now she's just a double D-lister!


I think she looks so much better!

Jake Gyllenhaal Having Hard Time With Death Of Friend Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger's sudden death has been especially tough on his good friend – and Brokeback Mountain costar – Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor, who is godfather to Heath's two-year-old daughter Matilda, has been devastated by last week's news. Says one Gyllenhaal friend, "Jake is taking this harder than most people."

Nowhere is that more apparent than on the New Mexico set of Jake's latest movie, Brothers. "This has had a strong personal effect on [Jake]," says a set source. The insider adds that Jake left the set immediately after learning of Heath’s January 22 death – but he flew back on a commercial flight to shoot an additional scene on Thursday.

"He was there, but he wasn't with us. It was obviously a major trauma," says the movie source. "These guys were very close. [Jake] was sitting in the director's chair staring off into space."

Jake has been off since shooting that scene, and was photographed Saturday looking subdued with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon in Los Angeles. Set sources say director Jim Sheridan is shooting around the grieving actor during his personal leave.

The somber mood is a sharp contrast to the happier times on the set of Brothers. During one intense early prison scene, Jake jokingly reached into his pocket and took out a picture of his Brokeback beau to stick on the prison wall. "Like those prisoners put [loved ones] on the wall, but Jake's was Heath Ledger," one set source recalls. "That was hilarious. It was a nice moment." The source adds, "When you think back on it now, it's touching."


Daniel Wanted To "Break Free" Of Mother Anna Nicole

Daniel Smith, the deceased son of Anna Nicole Smith, longed to disassociate from the image of his mother and the media circus surrounding her, a family friend stated today. The Associated Press reports that Ford Shelley, who was linked to the company that developed Anna Nicole's Bahamian home, testified at an inquest into Daniel's death today. "He loved his mother but didn't want to be known as her son," Shelley said, adding, "he wanted to break free."

While an independent autopsy conducted in January of last year concluded that a lethal drug cocktail was responsible for the 20 year-old's passing, Ford claims that Daniel was timid toward drugs and "couldn't even hold his liquor." Not the case for his mother Anna Nicole, according to Ford, who claimed that the blonde kept her prescription drugs (prescribed to four different aliases) in a duffel bag, among them methadone in both liquid and pill form, which examiners say largely contributed to Daniel's death.

The inquest, made today in Nassau, Bahamas, was attended by Anna Nicole's longtime companion Howard K. Stern as well as her mother, Virgie Arthur, and continues through tomorrow with statements expected from two different nannies who cared for Dannielynn while on the Island. At its close a jury will decide the official causes of Daniel's death and advise on appropriate criminal charges if fault is determined.


Britney And Lynne Still Not Getting Along

Britney Spears is having some family bonding time with her mom – but the pair have been seen arguing, according to sources. Lynne Spears, who arrived in Los Angeles Monday, accompanied her daughter and pal Sam Lutfi to a Mercedes Benz dealership in Beverly Hills Tuesday morning – but it was not exactly a happy family outing.

"Lynne and Britney were arguing in the car the whole time. They're both upset and arguing, not having a good time at all," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. After 15 minutes at the dealership, Britney drove a black Escalade off the lot. "After she came out, she pulled over to the side of the road to argue with her mom more," adds the onlooker.

The previous night, Lynne had visited her daughter's home, but then was left to pace around the house after Britney left the house to meet Adnan Ghalib. “Lynne, at one point said, 'I just want to give her a hug. I'm very worried," says a source. "Lynne was so nervous and worried, she just kept asking how they could get her daughter back home."

When the pop star did return home, Lynne, Britney and several friends including, Alli Sims and Sam Lutfi, had a "family bonding session over a lot of things," says the source. But the family time does not seem to have changed Britney's behavior. On Tuesday afternoon, she and Lutfi visited a nearby J. Crew, where an onlooker described her as "totally out of it."

"She was talking in a slight accent. It was a little of a British accent," says the eyewitness. "She kept to herself, quiet, she just wanted to go. She really wanted some Bubblelicious gum and she kept asking Sam for it and got frustrated when he didn't have any. Her mood lifted when she found some in her bag."


Heath Ledger's Drug Battle Takes Center Stage

Heath Ledger's battle with alcohol and drugs was so harmful to his relationship with Michelle Williams that she tried to get him to enter rehab, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue. For three years, Michelle was a firsthand witness to the gifted actor's use of alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, heroin and "a variety of pills," says a confidant of Heath.

In March 2006 – just weeks after the couple walked the Oscars red carpet and when daughter Matilda was only five months old – Michelle drove Heath to Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California, the confidant tells Us Weekly. Heath refused to check in, instead swaying her with a pledge to clean up.

Even after the couple realized "they were in way over their heads," according to a source, and split in September 2007, two sources tell Us that Michelle demanded Heath be drug-tested before his visitations with Matilda. When news of Heath's death broke last Tuesday, Michelle was inconsolable. "She cried and screamed as soon as she heard," a source on the Swedish set of her latest film, Mammoth, tells Us.


Marie Osmond Gets Talk Show And Montel Ends His Run

Marie Osmond, recent darling of Dancing with the Stars, is set to return to TV for a daytime talk show to be called Marie. Set to debut in fall 2009, “It will be a real feel-good show,” Marie said at a Las Vegas TV trade show, Reuters reports. “I’ve been through a lot of things in life and have no problem talking about it. Women need a safe place where they can laugh, feel good and relate to” other women.

Marie and her producers, Family Court distributors Program Partners, said the series’ emphasis will be more on real women than on celebrities. Marie intends to discuss her own personal setbacks — the loss of a house in a fire, postpartum depression, adopting children, as well as divorcing and being a single, working mother to eight kids — on the show.

I am wondering if this show will take the place of The Montel Williams Show that announced it is ending its 17 year run at the end of this season, according to gossip queen Perez Hilton.

Sources: and www.

Britney Buys A New Car

Britney Spears is tooling around right now in her new SLK 350 Mercedes Benz, which was delivered to her house in Beverly Hills. We're told Brit's new ride is a black on black two-seater for which she shelled out, in full, $55,000 cash. Sources close to the deal tell she picked it out on Saturday, but signed the papers today. Not very kid friendly if you ask me. Where does she plan to put her boys if she gets them back. I think if she had any sense she would get a family car. I know it is Brit... she lost all her sense a long time ago.


Neilsen Ratings...

The Neilsen Ratings the week of January 21, 2008:

4 60 MINUTES CBS 9.5
5 CSI CBS 8.6

American Idol is back on top again taking the top 2 spots! The new Fox show Moment of Truth took slot 3 while 60 Minutes is back in slot 4. CSI held slot 5 with a rerun. A Hallmark movie tied with CSI. Deal or No Deal’s two episodes tied with a rerun of House leaving Law and Order: SVU to finish out the top 10 with a rerun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Katie Holmes Got Pregnant With Ex- Chris Klein?

Those who barely remember American Pie star Chris Klein, let alone that he dated the current Mrs. Cruise, will be nonetheless shocked to learn that he may have impregnated Katie Holmes long before she met Tom. “Shortly after his relationship with Katie ended, Chris and I had a heart-to-heart,” some guy claiming to be Chris’s friend recently told the National Enquirer.

“We were having dinner at Cafeteria, a restaurant in New York’s Chelsea district, when Chris blurted out: ‘Dude, you know I got Katie preggers.’” “There was a long silence,” remembers the guy National Enquirer claims passed a polygraph test. “I realized Chris had said more than he had intended. My next thought was: What happened to the baby?”

Chris never said, the National Enquirer reports. “From the look in Chris’ eyes, I realized this was highly personal,” his highly perceptive pal shared. “I didn’t want to probe any further. Chris never brought it up again, but I know he must be reminded of Katie’s pregnancy every time he sees her daughter, Suri.”


Actress Sean Young Goes To Rehab

Actress Sean Young has checked into rehab to seek treatment for alcoholism, The Insider reports. The 48-year-old entered a treatment facility by herself on Monday, the location of which is undisclosed. According to the entertainment newsmagazine, Sean has quietly battled alcoholism for many years. She is best known for her roles in No Way Out, Fatal Attraction and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Baby Number 2!

Gwen Stefani and her rock star husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their second child, Rossdale's father confirms to PEOPLE. "They and the whole family are delighted," Douglas Rossdale tells PEOPLE exclusively. According to Britain's The Sun, the singer is 13 weeks pregnant. She has long said she's wanted another child.

Gwen and British-born Gavin wed in London in September 2002 and have one of the coolest kids in showbiz: Kingston Rossdale, who turns 2 on May 26. Gwen has described Kingston as a "chilled-out little guy. He's just like another person, except that he's super-cute and super-entertaining." When it comes to his son, Gavin recently said, "Finally, I got something right."

Grandpa Rossdale sings Kingston's praises too. "He is a great lad," says the senior Rossdale. "And we are very much looking forward to another grandchild."


Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo Still Very Much Together

Days after her rep vehemently denied an OK! Magazine report that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have split, the singer and her Dallas Cowboys quarterback beau enjoyed a romantic date at West Hollywood Italian restaurant Il Sole Monday night.

They joined eight friends, including Jessica’s former assistant Cacee Cobb, her boyfriend, Scrubs’ star Donald Faison and Jessica’s hairstylist Ken Paves. “Jessica had no makeup on and her hair was thrown to the side in a bun,” a witness tells “She seemed very comfortable and laid back with Tony and not at all worried about looking good or impressing him.” Adds the on-looker, “Tony couldn't stop touching Jessica!”

At one point, as Jessica chatted up CaCee, Tony, "put his finger under her chin and turned her face towards him and gave her a long kiss while holding her face in his palm,” the witness says. The PDA continued during dinner (Jessica had pasta with extra parmesan cheese and drank Veuve Clicquot; Tony sipped on red wine).“They ate off each other’s plates!” the onlooker tells Us.

While pals CaCee and Ken were chatting (conversation topics included Britney Spears shaving her head), “Jess and Tony were whispering in each others ears and having private conversations,” the witness adds. “A few times it looked like Jessica had to fill Tony in on the inside jokes between her old friends. She would tell him a story and then rest her head on his shoulder.” Afterward, they hit up the Key Club in Los Angeles.


Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

Geri Halliwell holds on to her precious cargo – 20-month-old daughter Bluebell Madonna – at Heathrow Airport in London, on Monday. Their Spice Girl tour continues.

Actress Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Anne, 2, visit The Pump Station in Santa Monica, California, Monday. Dad is actor Ben Affleck.

Actress/model Pamela Anderson takes son Dylan Jagger, 10, to his basketball game in Malibu, CA, on Saturday. Dad is Pamela’s ex-husband rocker, Tommy Lee.

Model Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber take their children Presley Walker, 8 ½, and Kaia Jordan, 6, with them Sunday to dinner at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu, CA.

Britney's Wild Monday Night

Just hours after Britney Spears's camp announced that she was seeking psychological treatment, the pop star was in the midst of yet another public breakdown. The trouble began Monday evening, when Britney and her confidante Sam Lutfi went for a short drive around Beverly Hills. When they returned to her Summit home at around 6 p.m., the visibly distraught singer – who appeared to be arguing with Lutfi – jumped out of the white Mercedes near the guard gate.

Britney, clutching her Yorkie puppy London, wandered around with tears in her eyes and, at one point, sat down on the curb. "She looked completely lost," says an on-scene source. Throughout it all, the gathered paparazzi snapped away.

Wearing brown high heels, cutoff shorts and a plaid fedora, Britney then seemed to downplay the incident, saying, "I'm fine. I'm . . . having a nice time with my dog." Thirty minutes later, the scene became even more surreal when Britney's paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib – who'd been noticeably absent in recent days – showed up at the house. But the photographer was turned away at the gate.

The FinalPixx paparazzo – who recently dished on his relationship in a two-part interview on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider – proceeded to show his fellow photographers a series to text messages. In the missives, allegedly from Lutfi, the sender calls Ghalib a "manic trigger" for Britney and adds ominously that any further contact between the two "will kill her."

Police cars pulled up to the house soon afterward, apparently responding to a call from Britney's security team. "Spears drove through the gates and paparazzi followed her car on foot," said LAPD Officer Mike Lopez. "By the time officers arrived, the paps were off the property, but officers handed out citations for those who were illegally parked."

But Britney's night was far from over. Her father Jamie and mother Lynne – who recently flew into L.A. from Kentwood, La., where she'd been holed up with Brit's pregnant sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn – arrived at the estate around 9 p.m. (Earlier in the day, Lynne had spent time visiting Britney's kids – Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1 – at Kevin Federline's house in Tarzana.)

The family reunion didn't last long, however – as Britney, clutching a bag, bolted from the mansion, says a source. She hopped into a car with Ghalib and the two sped off. Their getaway hit a speed bump, however, when their car got a flat tire. The two pulled into a Chevron to pump air into the deflated tire, then returned to the Summit house – where mom Lynne, and the two photographers, still waited – at around 11 p.m. (Ghalib left soon afterward.)

The mother-and-daughter surfaced at around 1:30 a.m., with Lynne driving Britney to Longs Drugs in Studio City. And so ends another crazy night in the life of Britney Spears.


Michelle Williams's Next Movie On Hold

Filming of Michelle Williams's next movie, Blue Valentine, has been put on hold while the actress copes with the death of Heath Ledger, a source tells PEOPLE. "We will hold off until she is ready," says a source connected with the film. "The production is in the process of sorting it out in respect to her."

The movie – a relationship drama centered around a young couple struggling with their marriage – also stars Ryan Gosling, who Michelle was rumored to be dating after they were spotted strolling together in New York before the holidays. Production on the film was set to start on February 25, but has been moved back to an indefinite date.

"We're hoping she will still come back and do the film and are happy to wait," the source says. "The film is tailor made for those two so of course we would want to wait. You can't get much better than them." Michelle had just finished shooting her last scene in the film Mammuth in Sweden when she received the news of Heath's death.


Stars Out And About

After a hectic and dramatic Monday evening, Britney Spears reunites with her mom, Lynne, for a visit to Longs Drugs in Studio City, California, at 1:30 a.m.

In New York to promote The Eye, a glowing Jessica Alba keeps her baby bump and hands hidden under a warm winter coat Monday while greeting fans in New York's Rockefeller Center.

Brooke Shields alongside her Lipstick Jungle costars Kim Raver and Lindsay Price Monday, form a triple threat on the streets of New York's Upper East Side. Their new show premieres February 7, on NBC.

Teen country star Taylor Swift performed in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to spice up the 99.9 KISS Country Chili Cook-off Sunday.

Britney Can Contact Sons By Phone

Britney Spears is allowed to speak with her children on the telephone but still may not see them, according to court documents released Monday. "(Spears) is to have telephonic contact with the minor children," Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled at last week's hearing. "All prior orders remain in full force and effect."

The pop singer has been forbidden to see her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, for more than three weeks, following her January 3 custody standoff, which ended with her brief hospitalization. Despite two attempts by her lawyers to regain her visitation rights, Britney cannot see her kids indefinitely, the judge has ruled.


Officially Miley Cyrus Now

Destiny Hope Cyrus is no more. The 15-year-old has legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. The Hannah Montana star has been called Miley since she was a baby. The nickname originated from her father, country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, when he realized that his little girl smiled all the time.

Since then, Miley is what her family and friends have called her. Miley decided that since everyone knew her by that name, that she wanted it to be legal. The singer chose the middle name Ray because she wanted the same on as her father.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Shine At 2008 SAG's

Brad Pitt and partner Angelina Jolie were romantic through out the night of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Angelina made the rumor mill go into over drive. The actress who normal shows of her hot body wore a very lose fiting of the shoulder number that would a hide a pregnancy belly. She also was spotted drinking only water at one of the biggest booze parties of the year. The rumors that the parents of 4 are expecting again has been going on for awhile now and this seems to have pushed it over the top. Oh and the rumor is that this time it is twins.

Barbara Walter's Says Britney Is Getting Treatment

In a phone call to Barbara Walters, Britney Spears' pal Sam Lutfi revealed that the pop singer "is starting some kind of treatment" for "mental issues," the talk show host announced on The View Monday. "There is a man named Sam Lutfi, who is the manager and very good friend of Britney," Barbara told the audience. "He has been staying with her constantly. He got in touch with us... I can't vouch for this... He seemed to be very knowledgeable and he certainly was very nice.”

She went on to say, "He said Britney was suffering from what he describes as mental issues which are treatable. He said that she has been to a psychiatrist and ... I assume she is starting some kind of treatment. She has been having mood swings. She has been having some kind of trouble sleeping."

Barbara said that Lutfi also claims Britney — who hasn't seen her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, in three weeks since she lost visitation rights — "is in touch with her mother — because we had heard that she wasn't — and her mother [Lynne, who arrived in L.A. late Sunday] has been very supportive of whatever it is that Britney is trying to do. "I said, 'Can I discuss this on the air?' And he said, 'Yes.'"


Big And Rich's John Rich To Record Solo

John Rich has announced he'll release a solo album this year on Warner Bros. Nashville and that Big & Rich will return in 2009. "If anyone knows me, they know I'm always writing music," said Rich. "When we decided to take this year off so Kenny could focus on rehabilitation for a pre-existing injury, I asked Kenny if he was cool with me recording a solo project. I would only do this with Kenny's blessing. So, this year you can expect a solo record from me, but Big & Rich will be back in 2009."

The duo reached No. 1 at country radio last year with "Lost in This Moment." In addition to extensive songwriting credits, Rich also produced albums by Alabama's Randy Owen and singer-songwriter Jewel, both scheduled to be released this year.


Bad Fashion

Here is some bad fashion from the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Dana Delany from Desperate Housewives.

Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock.

Lisa Rinna from Dancing With The Stars and Days Of Our Lives.

Rebecca Romjin from Ugly Betty.

Jessica Alba Talks Movies, Babies And Marriage

Jessica Alba has a new movie coming out, but she can’t help but be preoccupied with her new upcoming role — as a first-time, real-life mother. “I’ve always loved kids and I’ve always wanted kids,” Jessica told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer during an interview Monday. “It’s kind of perfect.” Jessica is promoting her new film, The Eye, which arrives in theaters on Friday.

Jessica talked about the changes her body is going through saying, “You definitely have to go with the flow,” who is due in late spring. “You definitely have to surrender. But it’s a shock to a system. Again, I’ve never been one to emphasize anything on my looks or anything. It was just the polls, the magazines, they do it. It was never my thing. So I really don’t care.”

Jessica told Lauer she wasn’t sure if becoming a mother would change the roles she chooses, but was looking to go “more indie” and seeking more “character-driven stuff.” As for marriage plans with fiancĂ© Cash Warren, Jessica coyly said “Ummm ... I’ve thought about it.” But in the meantime, she is over her “all-day sickness,” anticipating a “nice little break” and looking forward to being a mother.


*Note the picture is old. I loved it because of the pugs.

Barbara Mandrell's Former Home Becoming A Subdivision

A California-based real estate investment and development company has purchased a majority interest in Fontanel, Barbara Mandrell's former estate near Nashville. The property, which includes a 27,000-square-foot log home, was used extensively during the production of the new CMT reality series, Gone Country, hosted by John Rich of Big & Rich. Tower Investments LLC will become partners with Dale Morris and Marc Oswald, who co-manage Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson, to develop a subdivision on the 136-acres. Morris and Oswald purchased the property for $2.1 million during an auction in 2002. Financial details were not divulged about the new partnership, but the log home is expected to be sold separately from the remainder of the property which will become an upscale subdivision.


Britney's Blender Magazine Cover

Britney Spears did not pose for the Blender Magazine March issue. The cover is a photoshop job. The article talks about the 4 year downward fall of the former pop princess. (Notice the Mickey Mouse club hat fill of cig butts.)

Have Demi And Ashton Left Kaballah?

Kaballah’s golden couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have fallen off the radar. Sources close to the couple say the timing is good, because the couple’s relationship with the religion has been called into question as of late. “Ashton and Demi used to have an impeccable attendance record,” says one source with close ties to the Kabballah Centre in L.A. Another source close to the couple says it’s been “months” since the two attended services or participated in the Shabbat dinner after Friday services. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Ashton was just last week spotted shopping on Robertson Blvd. without his trademark red string.

What’s to blame for the couple’s flagging attendance? Definitely not Demi’s kids, because they’ve never been active. “It’s something that Bruce Willis never allowed,” says the source with ties to the Centre. Others say that Ashton was “tired of being dragged there on Friday nights.” Whatever the case, the sudden change in routine strikes those who know the couple, who were married in a Kabbalah ceremony, as worrisome. “It’s just odd,” says the source with ties to the Centre, “something must be up.”


2008 SAG Fashion

The ladies that shined at the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

America Ferrera from Ugly Betty.

Debra Messing from Will and Grace and The Starter Wife.

Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.

Jenna Fischer from The Office.

Kate Hudson from film Fool's Gold.

Marg Helgenberger from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Rebecca Gayheart from Vanished.

Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives.