Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill: Family First

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill say that since becoming parents, their priorities have always been clear: family is first, second and third. The Washington Post reports that all aspects of Tim and Faith's careers are worked around their family obligations. Their tours are arranged around school schedules, and during the school year, Mom and Dad, who long ago made a pact not to be apart for more than three days, take turns driving the girls to school and picking them up.

"With three kids, and school, and Girl Scouts, gymnastics and softball and basketball [Tim coaches the last two] — that's why we only tour in summer," Tim explains. "The rest of the year we're just taxi drivers with a credit card."

According to Tim, it's not a question of balance, but of family priorities. "We have a list of everything that our family has to do — children-wise, individual-wise, husband-and-wife-wise — and we update it every month, and that's the first thing on the list. We hand it in to both our management offices and say, 'This is what we're having to do this month, anything that we do work-wise has to negotiate around these things.' "

"We love doing what we do," Faith adds. "We love more being a family and being normal and being Mom and Dad — that's our pleasure in life, doing the things we do every day."


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