Thursday, December 20, 2007

Terrell Owen's Apologizes For Jessica Simpson Comment

No stranger to causing controversy, Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys apologized Wednesday for joking earlier in the week that Jessica Simpson was a distraction for her star-quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo. "I tried to get [Romo] to call her so I can explain to her that she doesn't really know me and that I can be funny," Terrell told the Dallas Morning News. "And that everything I say, the media will take it and run with it. It's not a big deal. I will try to rectify the situation between her and I."

With Jessica in the stands at Texas Stadium on Sunday, Tony played poorly and the Cowboys lost – leading some to suggest she might be a bad omen for the team, which is enjoying an otherwise-stellar season. Following that game, Terrell had told the Morning News that Jessica was "not a fan favorite" in Dallas and that "I think a lot of people feel like she's probably taking [Romo's] focus away." He had also promised "a message for her when we make the playoffs." In anything, that message will likely now be a conciliatory one.


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