Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nicole Kidman Wants A Break From Acting

Despite her success with the box office hit The Golden Compass, Nicole Kidman isn’t interested in finding new roles. In fact, after she finishes filming her current projects (including Baz Lurhmann’s Australia and a co-starring role with pal Naomi Watts in Need), the Australian actress plans to leave Hollywood behind — at least for a while. “Actually, I’m not that interested in working right now,” Nicole told The Times UK. “I think that a lot of my wish to work was about wanting to get lost, not wanting to be in the world.”

Over the last year the actress spoke openly about her plight with depression, but following the rocky start of her marriage to Keith Urban, she’s left her dark days behind. “I have a reason to be in the world now and that reason is Keith.” The part of the world Nicole wants to be in is the “spiritually satisfying” farm she and hubby bought in Tennessee. “We just have our own little bubble that we exist in. And I can completely disappear. I’m really good at it and I don’t need much.”

Hiatus-lust isn’t new for Nicole. People magazine reported that it took two persuasive letters, one from The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz and one from the book’s author Philip Pullman, to convince Nicole to appear in her latest film. “I actually just didn’t want to work,” the actress said in a press conference. “I was just in a place in my life where I was in Tennessee and I was just feeling a little lazy and wanting to hang out.”


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