Friday, December 7, 2007

Nick And Vanessa's Christmas Photoshoot For OK Magazine

In their exclusive interview and photo shoot with OK!, Nick & Vanessa open up about Christmas traditions in their home. "My dad plays the Beach Boys and Ray Charles Christmas albums," says Vanessa, while Nick's favorite things to do are, "putting up the tree, watching football, eating leftovers and going to midnight service on Christmas Eve with my grandparents."

As for marriage, Vanessa explains to OK!, "I’m not going to put a time on things and say I’m going to do this by this time. We’re happy today — no pressure for tomorrow."

"We’re trying to start our own traditions," Vanessa tells OK!. "The day after Thanksgiving, we were in L.A. and we put up the tree, drank eggnog, put on Christmas carols… and it was 91 degrees! We were putting up stockings while sweating!"

"He drops chocolate & chili on the carpet a lot," Vanessa reveals to OK! about her beau's worst habit.

"I feel like I'm getting to know a whole new side of Nick," Vanessa explains to OK!. "I can't even think things anymore because he already knows what I'm thinking about!"


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