Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Michael Vick Gets Less Than 2 Years In Jail

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison Monday for running a “cruel and inhumane” dogfighting ring and lying about it. The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback could have been sentenced up to five years by U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson. Vick, who turned himself in Nov. 19 in anticipation of his sentence, was wearing a black-and-white striped prison suit. After Vick apologized to the court and his family, Hudson told him: “You need to apologize to the millions of young people who looked up to you.” “Yes, sir,” Vick answered.

The 27-year-old player acknowledged using “poor judgment” and added, “I’m willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions.” Although there is no parole in the federal system, rules governing time off for good behavior could reduce Vick’s prison stay by about three months, resulting in a summer 2009 release. “You were instrumental in promoting, funding and facilitating this cruel and inhumane sporting activity,” Hudson told Vick.

Vick was suspended without pay by the NFL and lost all his lucrative endorsement deals. The league had no comment Monday on the judge’s ruling.

Source: MSNBC.com

This man should have been locked away and the key thrown away. I believe that hurting and animal or a child are two of the worst crimes known to man. Animals are sweet and kind as are children until someone gives them a reason to fight and protect themselves. And that is what this man did. He should have gotten the max.

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