Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Britney's pregnancy drama: Risking the baby, Katherine Heigl: Wedding trouble, Tara looks anorexic, World Exclusive: Is Madonna losing her son?

Baby Update: J.Lo.'s pregnancy the tears and joy, So alone now Britney's desperate to get Kevin back, Nicole fears she won't be a good mom, Heidi and Spencer's wedding off, Brad sees Angie with her ex.

Rachel Ray: My perfect holiday, They share a birthday: Brad: 44 and the day with Shiloh and Katie: 29 and sexy date with Tom, Jessica (Simpson) learning from my mistakes, Naughty or Nice List 2007.

Britney elopes with Sam Lutfi, Eva and Mario more than just friends, 2007 juicest scandals of the year, Mary-Kate's secret lover.

Best and worst of 2007, Surprise babies, 2007 wedding album, Top 10 meltdowns, Hookups and Breakups and Couple of the Year.

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