Friday, December 14, 2007

Hulk Talks About Reality Show Down Falls

Wrestler turned reality show star Hulk Hogan — who has suffered his share of family troubles in recent months — now says his decision to turn the cameras on his family for the hit VH1 series Hogan Knows Best was perhaps not the greatest decision ever. “There’s an upside to it and there’s a huge downside to it, especially with family members who weren’t used to it,” a now philosophical Hulk told OK! about being filmed for the show with his wife, Linda, son Nick and daughter Brooke. “There was a lot gained and a lot lost by doing that.”

Since then, Hulk’s family life has been in turmoil. Linda has filed for divorce and Nick is facing charges of reckless driving after a crash that left his best friend badly injured. “I had some crazy days and some things that caught me off guard that I didn’t know were going to happen,” Hulk told OK!

“I’ve been riding the highs, surviving the lows, leaning into the wind. All that stuff is all an attitude thing for me — being positive and knowing things are going to get better. My main concern in life is my son and his situation and the boy that’s in the car. There is no other choice but to do okay. Jumping off a bridge isn’t an option.”

As for doing another series with the entire Hogan family, Hulk says, “I don’t know if we could ever regroup again, to do the whole family thing. That’s pretty stressful, to tell you the truth. But you can never say never.”


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