Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did Lynne Spears Destroy Her Daughters?

As the shock of Jamie Lynn Spears' teen pregnancy dissipates, questions of responsibility and blame have landed on her mother and manager, Lynne. "Jamie wanted something different for her life, and her mom put her in situations she didn't want to be in," Alexa Nikolas, Spears' Zoey 101 costar, tells Us Weekly. Unanimously, multiple friends and family say Jamie Lynn never wanted to be a star. "She never cared about celebrity," says one old family friend. "She preferred Kentwood [Louisiana]."

Meanwhile, says a family friend, Lynne "treats her girls like a piggy bank." Indeed, as soon as Jamie Lynn, 16, confided in her co-manager mother about her unexpected pregnancy, Lynne convinced her introverted daughter (to the displeasure of her father) to break the news to the world on the cover of OK! magazine. "Lynne knew OK! would pay the most," a source tells Us. "It was her decision." Which is why even Jamie Lynn's older sister Britney was kept out of the loop. "They didn't want her to screw up the deal," a family source tells Us.

Instead, Lynne shared the news with Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline. From the start of Britney's career, Lynne, a former school teacher, made certain she received a percentage of money off both her daughters' deals, Us reports. "Lynne got all her money through those girls and loved it when it started rolling in," a source tells Us. "She's the only one with a Land Rover in Kentwood."


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