Saturday, December 22, 2007

Britney Reads Mama The Riot Act Over Little Sister's Pregnancy

Britney Spears called up her mother, Lynne, and read her the riot act after receiving the news of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy on Tuesday, a source tells The phone call apparently lasted several minutes and was almost completely dominated by Britney.

“Britney basically went off on her the entire time, blaming her for her and Jamie Lynn's messed up life,” says the insider. “It was a very hurtful call.” Though Britney and her mother co-authored the 2000 memoir Heart to Heart, the two have been estranged since February, when the family forced her into Promises rehab facility against her will. “Britney feels like they have all abandoned her in her time of need,” says the source. “She felt, and still feels, completely left out of the family.”

The pop star has even forbidden her parents from seeing their grandsons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1 (though Kevin Federline lets them visit when the children are in his custody). It’s a decision that Britney may come to regret once her niece or nephew is born. “Because Lynne has been refused visits with Britney when she has the boys, Lynne will make sure she has more control over Jamie Lynn's baby,” the family insider tells

So is there any hope for a Spears reconciliation? "Britney needs to get over her petty family issues. She needs to get help with her issues so that she can be a part of not only Jamie Lynn and her baby's life but her own boys’ lives as well.”


Britney bashes Lynne's parenting which isn't great, but does Britney forgot her bad parenting? Well Brit here are a few reminders...

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