Friday, November 2, 2007

The Writer's Strike Is Coming!

The Writers Guild of America announced this evening that the scribes behind our favorite TV shows (and movies) will indeed go on strike, after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers refused to budge on the crucial issue of broadband and Internet profits. For a television fanatic like myself this a nightmare come true. The thought of sitting through game shows and reality TV makes me sick.

But there is another side of the strike to think of. It will put more than just writers out of business. Like all work places when one part breakdown the other goes down as well. It will be trickling down to front-end staffers! The executive producers, writers and actors to behind-the-scenes folks like caterers, dry cleaners and janitors...and on to the spouses and children of all of the above will also be hurt by it.

So when will it happen: By Monday. So I wondered what will happen next? When will my favorite shows start to suffer? Well you late night fans will suffer first. Leno, Letterman, Kimmel and The Daily Show, require scripts on a daily basis and might mean little late night laughs. Daytime soap-operas will be hit next which means my mother will be in tears.

And finally around January or February the strike will bring me to my knees. Most prime time series currently on the air will run out their completed episodes and be replaced by reality and news programming, reruns or that crap normally reserved for Christmas Day. I am talking about: Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, The Office, Cold Case, NCIS, House, Friday Night Lights, Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, Cane, Two And A Half Men, My Name Is Earl, Dirty Sexy Money and all of the CSI franchise. Which means the new year could royally suck!

How long will it last? The last strike in 1988 was 22 weeks. It could be shorter by days or even longer. We really won’t notice the changes for primetime because we will see November sweeps and the December breaks, but come 2008 things could get ugly. So for this TV addict I am gonna start praying and hoping. I am going to hope I can find some crap on cable I missed that doesn’t suck. Please tell me how you are gonna deal with the loss… I sure would love some ideas.

Source: ME... I wrote this one in full getting facts from E!Online. Tell me what ya think.

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