Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vince Vaughn Doesn't Own A Cell Phone!

Most big stars have every new electronic need the moment it comes out, but not cutie Vince Vaughn! Tuesday on MTV's TRL, Fred Claus star admitted that he doesn't own a cell phone. "I don't own a cell phone because...the old way always worked for me," he told host Damien Fahey. "You call me, I call you back, like a gentleman."

But, Vince confessed, he doesn't always let the situation play out that way. "I kind of like [cell phones] if I have to call someone, but I don't like getting calls." The decision has become a pain for the comedian's friends. "I will say to my friends...can I use your cell phone?" Vince explained. "A friend in need is a pest...I am an annoying friend that way."


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