Monday, November 12, 2007

Tom Cruise's New Movie Doesn't Do Well Opening Weekend

Tom Cruise's latest flick got stung at the box office. Literally. Tom's war-on-terror thriller, that he has been around the globe promoting, ranked No. 4 with a tepid $6.7 million, getting beat by the Jerry Seinfeld toon Bee Movie, which netted $26 million. Lions for Lambs was the first United Artists release under the new management of Tom and his longtime producing partner, Paula Wagner.

The top five movies:
1. Bee Movie, $26 million
2. American Gangster, $24.3 million
3. Fred Claus, $19.2 million
4. Lions for Lambs, $6.7 million
5. Dan in Real Life, $5.9 million


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