Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tom Brady Spends Some Time With His Son

Tom Brady took advantage of some time off over the weekend to catch up with John Edward Thomas Moynahan, his 3-month-old son by ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. With the New England Patriots idle, Brady hung out on both coasts, and found time for some fatherly activities in Los Angeles, where Moynahan lives. "Ah, yep, yeah, changing diapers too," he told Boston radio station WEEI.

Tom has been in New York during the team's bye week, too. He was spotted at the Gramercy Park Hotel last Wednesday night and elsewhere in New York City with girlfriend Gisele Bundchen on Saturday. Tom told WEEI that he spent most of Sunday watching football.

As the holidays approach, Tom said he has another family to think of when it comes to presents: his offensive line. "I know they look forward to the gift," said Tom. "I give the best gifts they probably get all Christmas season. I'm like Santa Claus now."

Source: People.com

It is good to know he is spending time with his son, but I still think he is an a**hole for how he handled the whole thing. He should be spending less time with his girlfriend and more time with his son on his off time.

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